Your Professional Area Rug Cleaner Can Tell You How to Choose the Right Carpet Fiber for Your Home's Needs

To choose carpet fiber that will work best for you, there is an easy answer... But first:



You are shopping for new carpet, perhaps just a few rooms. Two of the rooms are bedrooms which don’t get as much foot traffic as the entryway, living room, and hallway you also need to replace. It’s been nearly 10 years since you had new carpet.

You go to a local carpet retail store. The carpet salesman has a great deal for you! A virtually stain-proof carpet with vibrant colors and also soft to the touch. You put your fingers into the carpet pile and love how it feels. You order the carpet for all the rooms you need to replace.

In a week or two, on the scheduled installation day, you remove all the furniture from the rooms and the installation pros show up and remove the old carpet and pad and put in the new.

It looks great!

A Year Later...

When you decide it’s time to have the carpet cleaned, your carpet cleaning professional arrives and does a great job removing the dirt. Even the spots come right out!

HOWEVER, there is a 'worn' area in the living room and down the hallway, but not in the bedrooms. You ask your carpet cleaning technician why that is. The technician has performed a fiber identification test and informs you that you purchased polyester carpet, which tends to mat down in traffic areas and look somewhat soiled just because of wear. He then kindly informs you that if you had purchased nylon, a more durable carpet fiber, this likely wouldn’t have happened.

You Are Upset!

It is so disappointing when you purchase something and it does not perform as promised. You begin to suspect that carpet salespeople may not be your best consultants when it comes to fibers. In truth, it is much the same with furniture salespersons who may not necessarily know which fibers are best for your particular circumstances.

How to Choose Carpet Fiber?
Here is your answer...

So, before you go looking for new carpet or new furniture as well, give your carpet and furniture cleaning professional a call. Ask which fiber is best for each application in your home. Yes, polyester may be soft and colorful and sound like a great deal, but it may be best to keep it in the bedrooms and use more durable fibers, like nylon and wool (which is expensive), in the high trafficked areas of your home. So the answer to how to choose the best carpet fiber is call your cleaning professional!

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