Wool Fiber - Surprising Facts From a Trusted Rug Cleaner in Syracuse, NY!

Wool fiber is extraordinary.  Not only is it all natural, renewable, and biodegradable, but it won't burn and is anti-static as well. 
Because our specialty at ABC Oriental Rug is the washing and repair of fine wool fibers, we are very proud to be listed as a Certified Wool Care Specialist by The Wools of New Zealand. 
New Zealand Wool
New Zealand wool is wool that is ethically grown and is of superior quality.  New Zealand has the ideal climate for growing wool. The sheep of this country are bred specifically to grow excellent wool for textiles and the farmers adhere to the best practice in animal welfare, social welfare and land management. 
The end result is free-range farmland that is managed sustainably, protecting native bird and plant species and maintaining clean waterways.
A Super Fiber
This is a truly super fiber.  It is no wonder that the finest woven rugs in the world are made from wool.  It is one of the most perfect textile fibers that can be used for flooring, upholstery, and clothing.  It is not only comfortable, but safe, protective, and totally sustainable.  
Wool Fiber
Extraordinary Characteristics
This characteristic makes it especially good for asthma sufferers.  Wool carpets are especially resistant to dust mites and their waste products. 
Because wool has the ability to absorb moisture from the air, it is anti-static, reducing the risk of static shocks. 
Indoor contaminants, such as formaldehyde, sulphur-dioxide, and nitrogen dioxide, can be absorbed into its core and sometimes not be released for up to 30 years! Thus the air-purifying property of this product improves indoor air making it a healthier choice for working and living environments.  
It is sad today that so much of the world lives on synthetic materials made from oil, rather than natural fibers made from wool. Consumers will choose plastic-based carpet or rugs with a small amount of recycled content and they think they are doing their part to save the planet! 
Even when manufacturers focus on color and style, they sometimes forget that wool offers more options than any other material.  In addition, it is 50% carbon, meaning that it locks carbon dioxide away from the ozone layer, making it very eco-friendly.
When you purchase a rug that has been constructed from wool you are making a health decision for your family and your environment.  If you purchase a rug made from New Zealand wool, you can be assured that you have made a very wise, a very ethical, and a very socially responsible decision.
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