Why Can’t My Area Rugs be Cleaned Right in My Own Home or Business in Syracuse, NY?


Why Cleaning Area Rugs in Your Own Home or Business is Not a Good Idea!

At ABC, we often get questions from customers and prospective customers about why cleaning area rugs in their home or business is not a recommended service.  

There are really 2 answers to this question:

1.  We prefer to clean all area rugs in our plant to clean them properly and thoroughly

We are professional rug cleaners and members of the Association of Rug Care Specialists (ARCS) and we are recognized by the Wools of New Zealand.

It is of the utmost importance to us at ABC Oriental Rug to clean all area rugs and especially oriental and wool area rugs to the highest achievable standard. 

Cleaning area rugs in our plant assures that we have full control over the entire cleaning process.  It is not possible to maintain this standard and properly clean your area rugs, especially wool area rugs, in your home or business.

In our plant, these rugs go through the following procedures:

·         Thorough dusting and cleaning both on the back (some exceptions apply), front, and edges without concern for wood floors, furniture, etc. 

·         All possible residues from rug cleaning solutions completely and thoroughly rinsed out of the rugs after washing. 

·         Rugs put through a specialized wringer to remove the majority of water.

·         The rugs hung to dry in our controlled drying room, a procedure which would be impossible to re-create in your home or business. 

·         When they are thoroughly dry, the rugs are inspected, rolled and put into a bin until they are picked up or delivered.

Since wool can hold up to 30% of its weight in water and still feel dry, it is essential to make certain that the rug we return to you is completely dry to prevent any possibility of mold, mildew or dry rot from occurring.

2.  It is possible to clean certain synthetic area rugs on site in your home or business

Synthetic rugs that are very large or have a lot of heavy furniture on them could possibly qualify for cleaning on location in your home or business.  The exception would be those with natural fiber backings (such as jute). 

Please call our office at 272-1566, if you are in the Ithaca/Cortland and other areas for more information about cleaning area rugs in our plant.

What Types of Rugs MUST ALWAYS be Cleaned In Our Plant?

1.         Area rugs of any fiber type that contain animal or human urine MUST be cleaned in our plant to specially treat them for odors.

This is a labor-intensive process guaranteed to remove all URINE ODOR from the rugs.  URINE STAINS, on the other hand, are permanent on certain types of rugs and carpet, although it is possible under some conditions to significantly lighten them.

2.         All natural fiber rugs such as wool, cotton, silk or sisal must be removed and brought back to our plant for washing.

These fibers require much longer drying times and a significant amount of extra care in order to produce a quality washing without damaging the rug. Some of the risks involved could include dye migration, cellulose browning, improper drying, bacteria production, damage to floors, etc. These are risks that neither the homeowner nor the business owner should assume.

3.         Rugs with any kind of insect infestation such as moths, carpet beetles, etc.

Rugs such as these must be treated before, and sometimes after, cleaning.  In the case of moths, cleaning will remove the live moths and larvae, but will have no effect on the eggs.  They require special treatment in our plant.



Free pick up and delivery is now available within 60 miles of Ithaca, including the Syracuse, NY area! 

Please call our office to schedule an appointment for a pick up at (607)-272-1566.   If you prefer, just fill out the form below and we will be happy to contact you.  Just a reminder:  We also repair oriental and area rugs. 

Normal return times for cleaning area rugs in our plant are 1 week from pickup.  Extra treatments may take a little longer.  Please note:  Our pick ups and deliveries are always free but discounts normally do not apply and there may be a minimum dollar amount required for your area.

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