Syracuse, NY Certified Rug Specialist Offers 5 Tips to Extend the Life of Your Oriental and Area Rugs


  1. Vacuum Frequently:

·         To extend the life of your oriental and area rugs, vacuuming frequently is a must.  Why?  Because everyday dust and dirt can settle into your rug. If the rug is in a well-trafficked area, particles of dirt can be pushed down into the rug to the backing and even to the floor, exposing the rug and the floor to damage from abrasion.  


·         It is also a very good idea to roll the rug up every few months and dust under it. If possible, vacuum the back of the rug at that time as well.  This would be the time to check the back of the rug for any moth or other insect infestation.  Moth larvae, especially, often eat from the back of a wool rug to the front before they are even noticed. 


·         Please note:  When vacuuming oriental rugs and other area rugs with fringes, vacuum from side to side (opposite the fringes).  This will save the fringes from being pulled up into the vacuum which can damage the fringes and even damage the vacuum.  We have Fringe Rakes for sale in our plant which can be used to remove soil from the fringes and also straighten them.


  1. Take Care of Spills ASAP:

·         Another important tip to extend the life of your oriental and area rugs is to take care of spills as soon as possible.  A carpet or rug fiber acts as a wick and will pull spills up to the top of the pile.  Once the soiling material is exposed to the air and allowed to dry, the spill can become a permanent stain.


·         The first best choice for quickly removing spills that could become permanent stains would be to blot the area from the outside to the center of the spill with a white absorbent material such as a Turkish towel or paper towels. 


·         Keep on hand an arsenal of non-toxic cleaning agents to combat specific spills (See our ABC Spot Cleaning Guide below.)  ABC also carries a ‘green’ spotting solution in our plant for sale.


·         Never pour liquid spotters directly onto the area because the spill will be diluted and will spread out, making it more difficult to remove.  Use absorbent material saturated with a spotter to blot the area instead.         


·         Remember to ALWAYS BLOT, never scrub the soiled area.  Scrubbing can sometimes result in irreversible distortion of the fiber.


·         After you have blotted and can no longer get any transfer of soiling to the absorbent material, blot with water on a new absorbent material and then put a layer of absorbent material on the area with something heavy on top. Allow to dry for 24 hours, replacing the absorbent material frequently.


·         Download ABC’s Spot Cleaning Guide on our sister site


  1. Rotate Area Rugs So they Will wear more Evenly:

·         Sun fading is a form of damage that cannot be repaired. 


·         Rugs left undisturbed under furniture can harbor moths and other insects. 



·         Rugs in high traffic areas should be rotated regularly for even wear.


·         Make sure to reverse your reversible rugs such as braids and some kilims. 


To Extend the Life of All Area Rugs, Make Sure They Have a Rug Pad Underneath Them:

There are many reasons why every area rug on a hardwood floor needs a pad.

·         Wear will be minimized because there will be cushioning between the rug and the floor.


·         A pad will help to maintain the structural integrity of the rug, keeping the fibers from being pulled in different directions.


·         Pads with cross hatch patterning can capture the soil particulates and keep them in the holes where they cannot abrade the foundation of the rug or the floor.


·         Pads help to keep the rug from slipping.


·         Pads limit the amount of air space between the rug and the floor which may discourage insect infestation.


Rugs on carpets should have pads underneath them as well.

·         Rugs on carpets often get ripples from wrinkling.  This can damage the rug and break the foundation, causing tears and rips.


·         Pads can help to keep the rugs from slipping.


Rugs on tile floors need a rug pad also.

·         Pads will prevent them from sinking into the grout lines, thus causing the foundation to weaken, causing tears and rips.


·         Pads can help to keep the rugs from slipping.


  1. Having Your Area Rugs Cleaned Professionally Every 3 to 5 years (Depending on Usage) Will Extend the Life of Your Rugs:

Of course, there are some instances, especially where there are animals and children, when rugs should be cleaned more often.  Regular vacuuming alone is not sufficient to remove all soils from area rugs.  In our plant, we have the equipment to gently but thoroughly clean your area rugs.  These rugs should never be cleaned in your home.  They need to be dusted on all sides, thoroughly washed and thoroughly dried to avoid mold and mildew.  (Wool can retain 30% of its weight in water and still feel dry.)


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