Guess where one very small area of your kitchen is that when cleaned on a semi-yearly basis will actually save you money?


Did you know that if you spend 15 minutes once every six months to clean your refrigerator coils, you will not only extend the life of that appliance but you will eliminate most refrigerator malfunctions and keep it running at maximum efficiency? That will save you money!

Those refrigerator coils can be easily overlooked, yet this area, which is so close to the floor, can accumulate a great amount of dirt, dust, pet hair, and dander over time. The compressor must run longer and work harder than it should when the coils are clogged with dirt, dust, and animal hair. Please note: If there are pets in the home, the procedure may have to be done more than just twice a year.

The procedure to clean the refrigerator coils is simple but does regard several steps to complete. It is only necessary to have on hand an inexpensive bendable coil brush (can be found on Amazon) and a vacuum with a hose. The coil brush is bendable so it will fit in tight areas and it is designed to grab and hold the dust and dirt. You can push it into tight spots and in between all of the coils without harming them.

Here is the procedure:

  1. Pull out the refrigerator.
  2. Unplug the electrical cord.
  3. Remove the toe grille to access the coils.
  4. Use your coil brush to pull out dirt and hair from the coils.
  5. Use your vacuum hose to clean up the dust as you go and vacuum the brush each time you pull it out.
  6. Continue until no more dirt is pulled out with the coil brush.
  7. Plug fridge back in, push it back in place and replace the toe grille.

And that's it! Your fridge will save you money by running longer and more efficiently.

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