Kerman Rugs from Iran-an Overview from Area Rug Cleaner, Syracuse, NY


Kerman Rugs from Iran

These rugs are knotted in city workshops in the city of Kerman in the SE of Iran.  The city is very old, founded as early as the 4th century, and has been a very important place for merchants traveling between India and Persia.

The Kerman is a really special rug, easy to recognize both for its unique pattern and colors.  It is very common to find a red clear color in the field with a large medallion in the center and beige borders with pillars.  Sometimes other colors like green (the holy color) can also be found.

The Kerman rugs are large, majestic, and very impressive.  They are often made in large sizes on special looms with only the finest wool and natural dyes.

This rug deserves to be placed in a large room where it will get plenty of attention.