Kazak Oriental Rugs - An Introduction for Syracuse, NY Consumers

Kazak ( Kazach, Kasak) rugs are hand knotted rugs from the area north and west of the Sevan Sea in southwestern Caucasia. The rugs are named after the village of Kazak, where they were manufactured before 1925. They are the most well-known and appreciated of the Caucasian rugs.

Pakistan and India produce the Kazak rugs, though the Kazaks from India are not as high quality as those from Pakistan.  New rugs are made in an old traditional way. They use older motifs and get their inspiration from the geometric nomadic patterns that originated in the old Kazak rugs.

Kazak rugs are characterized by their long pile and sometimes up to eight weft threads between the rows of knots. These relatively loose-knotted carpets have a pile of wool of high quality, which gives them good durability. They are usually wider than they are long.  The colors are strong and the patterns are large and distinctive.