Dhurrie Rugs - An Overview


Dhurrie, also known as Durrie and Dorri, are flatwoven rugs, traditionally woven in India. Flatwoven rugs are usually made of wool or cotton but may also be found in jute or silk.  They often have geometric and folk art pictorial figures in their designs.

Dhurrie rugs do not have a pile and look the same on the front as on the back.  They can be coarsely or finely woven.  Sometimes, these rugs have small gaps where different blocks of color are joined, as in slit-weave kilims or kelims (a form of flatweave made in Turkey and China).

Dhurrie rugs are quite durable but may slip on a floor.  At ABC, we always recommend placing any rug, whether on hardwood, laminate or tile floors or on wall-to-wall carpets, on a pad specifically intended for that purpose.  We stock different types of rug pads and cut them to fit individual rugs.  Please call our office for more information at 272-1566.  Ask about our newest pad addition – felt pads.